Assembly instructions sticker

1. Preparation of surface

Clean the surface of your frame / rim with a mild detergent and wash off with water. Dry with lint-free cloth.


2. Application- and carrier film

Your bike sticker has a carrier film at the bottom side and an application film at the front side.


3. Assembly preparation

Place the sticker with application film facing downwards on a flat surface. Pull carrier film of approx. 2-3 cm at one side and fold over as shown in drawing.


4. Assembly

Place sticker on the frame / rim of your bike. When the foil is in the desired position, press the previously prepared sticky rim onto the surface.


5. Removal of carrier film

Lift foil slightly and remove carrier film. Keep foil close to the surface and smoothen with a squeegee or your thumb from the middle of the already sticking side outwards. Continue until the whole film is glued cleanly. Make sure to avoid air bubbles.


6. Removal of application film

Remove application film in an ankle of 180 degrees. Check the rims of the individual letters and press dem onto surface with your thumb once again if necessary.


7. Assembly errors

Assembly errors are no reason for complaint. If you are not sure, however, please send us a picture of the mounted sticker. We will examine it immediately and get in touch with you again.