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How to use:
Pour 4 caps of Equifix® Lazy-Man into a bucket with 5 litres of water and let it dissolve like washing-up liquid. Dip the tack into the water and move it back and forth three times (approx. 30 seconds). Take it out of the water and put it into the tack-room. Finished! Your tack is now cleaned and greased and after 15 minutes you can use it again. Bridles, halters etc. do not need to be unbuckled. Metal parts like bits or snaffles are also cleaned. Boots and saddles are wiped over with a sponge. The time of laborious and time-consuming leather care is over.
At a show, after a ride-out or a carriage-ride Equifix® Lazy-Man provides you with clean and well cared for tack - quick and easy.

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€11.60 Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping
Automatic and easy leather care
The Equistar® of leather care
- Efficiently cleans and greases your tack within two minutes
- Not necessary to take apart your bridles etc.
For lazy people and all wannabes!

You won’t believe it until you have tried it out!
Equifix® Lazy-Man is a totally new combination of saddle soap and leather oil and has not been available on the market before. Thanks to Equifix® Lazy-Man it is now absolutely easy to clean, grease and care for your tack from time to time. It only takes 2 minutes! Imagine: Take the bridle off after riding and just move it back and forth three times in a bucket with Equifix® Lazy-Man and water. Then hang it up in the tack room as usual. The bridle will be as clean as if cleaned with saddle soap and greased as if greased with leather oil. Thanks to Lazy-Man!

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